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National Historic Pony ExpressTrail Sesquicentennial Rendezvous Kiosk Celebration Eureka Nevada 2010

Pony Express Events

National Historic Pony ExpressTrail Sesquicentennial Rendezvous Kiosk Celebration Eureka Nevada
Pony Express Kiosk Trail Marking For Eureka Nevada, from Crescent Valley, NV.
Interior Dept.Grants contiune untill 2010 Pony Express trail Kiosk from WBN Inc
Sesquicentennial Pony Express Trail Kiosk Dedication in Eureka,venders,craft tables
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Here we have listed the schedule for the June 2006 reride. We'll update this page frequently, so check back often to stay up to date.

June 2006

Depart Sacramento, California
Tuesday, June 6, 1:00pm PDT

Depart California/Nevada State Line (Woodfords)
Wednesday, June 7, 10:00am PDT

Time Change from Pacific to Mountain Daylight Time

Depart Nevada/Utah State Line (Ibapah)
Friday, June 9, 10:30pm MDT

Depart Utah/Wyoming State Line (Barker Ranch)
Sunday, June 11, 3:00am MDT

Depart Wyoming/Nebraska State Line (Henry)
Tuesday, June 13, 9:00am MDT

Depart Nebraska/Colorado State Line (Chappell)
Tuesday, June 13, 9:00pm MDT

JUNE 2006

Time Change from Mountain to Central Daylight Time

Depart Colorado/Nebraska State Line (Julesberg)
Wednesday, June 14, 1:30am CDT

Depart Nebraska/Kansas State Line (Steele City)
Thursday, June 15, 5:00pm CDT

Arrive St. Joseph, Missouri
Friday, June 16, 3:00pm CDT


Anyone wishing to see the Pony Express riders should be aware that they may be anywhere from two hours ahead to two hours behind schedule!]

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Take Pride in America Sponsors all the events
The Great Out Doors Month Pony Express trail Celebration annually

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 Organizes this Take Pride in America Annual event as The National  Historic Pony Express trail is Cleaned & marked yearly For National trails Day in June Every Year
 The National Historic Pony Express Trail Annual
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In the County of Eureka.
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Crescent Valley

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